American Dryer Advantage Series

The American Dryer Advantage Series offers compact design, optional hair drying setting, and smart sensor efficiency. It offers universal voltage (110-240v) making it perfect for your commercial washroom needs. Shop HomElectrical to find the best American Dryer fit for your business today!

How does smart sensor technology work?

The microprocessor controlled sensor turns the dryer on when hands are under the outlet for up to 35 seconds. Standby power is only 1 watt.

How does the hair drying mode work?

When the dryer is in hair drying option, the sensor will stay on for an 80 second cycle to dry hair. The fixed nozzle is angled away from the wall for comfortable hair drying.

What is the drying time of the dryer?

The drying time for American Dryers' Advantage Series models is about 25 seconds.

Does the product come with a warranty?

The models in the Advantage Series comes with a 5-year warranty.

What does universal voltage mean?

Universal voltage refers to the voltage that is accepted in different regions. Different areas use specific voltages. For example, American uses 110 volts while European uses 240 volts. American Dryer's Advantage Series dryers will work within the 110-240v range making them applicable to a wide range of areas.
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