American Dryer Accessories

From recess kits to wall guards, the American Dryer Accessories Collection offers a selection of parts to meet your washroom needs. Shop HomElectrical to find all the accessories needed for your American Dryer appliances today!

Which models is the adaptor plate compatible with?

The American Dryer Adaptor Plate is compatible with the eXtremeAir, Advantage, and Global Series. This plate is used to cover mounting holes when replacing old hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.

Does the adaptor plate come with the require screws?

The adaptor plate comes with four screws for mounting.

What dryers can the recess kit be used with?

The recess kit can be used for the eXtremeAir, Advantage, and Global series models. The Recess Kit reduces the protrusion of the dryer to less than four inches from the wall to meet ADA requirements when the dryer is installed in a hallway or narrow passage.

Does the wall guard comes with screws?

The American Dryer Wall Guard comes with four screws for installation. The wall guard is designed to sit below the dryer and is easily installed using just the four screws provided.

Can the wall guard be used with hair dryers?

The American Dryer Wall Guard is not designed to be used with hair dryers. It provides safety for users living with disabilities because its curved lower edge assures that the leading edge of the dryer with-wall-guard unit is 26" or less from the finished floor, a distance that meets ADA standards to protect people using wheelchairs or walking aids.
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