American Dryer eXtremeAir CPC Series

The American Dryer eXtremeAir CPC Collection offers impressive energy efficiency, using up to 90% less energy that conventional hand dryers. It customizable with easy sound, speed, and power adjustments. This dryer features our exclusive high performance cold plasma generator which is 100% maintenance free, uses no chemicals, and doesn't create harmful ozone levels. Shop HomElectrical and save up to 98% versus the cost of paper towels!

What is a cold plasma generator work?

A cold plasma generator is an air-purification technology that produces an electric field filled with highly charged ions. The ions created within the field act as a natural scrubbing agent to remove remove contaminants by breaking them down into their molecular structures. This generator destroys both pathogens and airborne viruses.

Where should I install an eXtremeAir CPC dryer?

World Dryer's eXtremeAir CPC model is compact (about 43% smaller than the industry standard) and quiet which makes it perfect for sound sensitive, high traffic areas (ex. schools, libraries, etc.).

How do I adjust the speed on the dryer?

A dial inside the dryer provides easy sound adjustment from 83 to 69 dB.

Can I install this hand dryer myself?

World Dryer's eXtremeAir CPC model should only be installed by a licensed electrician.
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