American Dryer eXtremeAir GXT Series

The American Dryer eXtreme GXT Collection offers high-speed, energy efficient drying by way of a high-velocity heated air to dry hands in 10-12 seconds. This collection has universal voltage making it suitable for any commercial washroom needs. Shop HomElectrical to find which dryer best fits your business needs today!

How is the eXtremeAir GXT dryer customizable?

American Dryer eXtremeAir GXT models can adjust the sound from 83-69 decibels (dB). They can also adjust speed from 19,000 -10,000 LFM.

What voltage does the dryer accept?

This collection offers universal voltage (100-240 volts).

Is this dryer button operated?

The eXtremeAir GXT model uses an infrared sensor which allows the dryer to run for 35 seconds or until hands are removed from beneath the sensor.

Can I install this dryer myself?

The eXtremeAir GXT models should be installed by a licensed electrician only.
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