Light Control With Wireless Remote Controlled Lighting

wireless remote controlled lighting

Ever heard of a wireless lighting system? Wireless seems to be the direction that all technology is heading in, including lighting, and with the multiple perks it comes with, we can see why! Not only does it give us the ability to control all of our lights with a single remote, it lets us set the mood, and use a multitude of colors for lighting the living room the way we want. But aside from those perks, what are some other benefits to a wireless lighting system? What are some products that can help my house become wireless?

Wireless Lighting System:

There are many different benefits to a wireless controlled lighting system.

Benefits Include:

Wireless system

Wireless remote controls are perfect for those commercial buildings where running control wires are too costly or impossible to install. Some types of these buildings include: parking garages, warehouses, and retrofits.

Remote Control Lighting:

If you are planning on retrofitting your lighting system and turning it into a wireless system, you should check out Trulux’s lighting control. This remote has a color wheel that allows you to choose what type of mood or color light you want to set.


Remote control lighting
trulux remote,trulux usb remote

These remotes can come with a rechargeable USB battery or an older version that will require you to install triple A batteries. The remote that requires batteries is going to have less capabilities when it comes to programming zones.


For any kind of wireless remote control you are first going to need a receiver that is compatible with the remote. In the case of Trulux’s remote control, you are going to need a Trulux RF receiver.

RF Receiver Features:

Receiver features

While the installation process is simpler than most it is important that you have the right type of receiver. So, if you plan on retrofitting your lighting system to a wireless system it is essential that you order a receiver for it to function properly.

Light Strips:

Lastly, and the most obvious thing that you are going to need, are the lights. In this case Trulux has their own kind of strip lights that are LEDs.


  • Can last up to 10 years if they are used 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • RGB(Red, Green, and Blue) Color light set up
  • Dimming compatible

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