Why Convert Hotel Lighting to LED Light?

Not many people think about the lighting when they enter a hotel. Although illumination affects guests without them even realizing, proper hospitality lighting is essential for a home-away-from home experience. The lighting design of the hotel can evoke that warm feeling of home and a sense of safety and security.

Hotel maintenance managers and hoteliers can have one less thing to worry about and keep guests happy with one simple trick: retrofit with LED lights.

The greatest benefit to switching over to LED bulbs is hotels can immensely reduce energy costs. LED lamps require less energy and produce less heat.

Hotel lights are either switched on for extended periods of time, or constantly switched on and off.

Fun fact: LEDs can endure heavy usage. LEDs operate with circuit boards and small LED chips, as opposed to incandescent which use heated filaments, and fluorescent that operate using volatile gases.

As a result, bulbs would only need replacing after approximately 25,000 hours,* leaving plenty of time for hotel maintenance staff to focus on other crucial maintenance tasks.

*More than 3 years if ran 24 hours a day 7 days a week according to energy.gov

But what about the cost of LED bulbs and their return on investment?

LED (A21)

Incandescent (100W)

   Cost per Bulb



25,000 hours (10 years)

1,000 hours (1 year)

   Cost Over 10 Years



Over 10 years, one LED bulb can save up to 75% just on the cost of the bulb rated at 25,000 life hours. And some bulbs are even rated up to 100,000 life hours!

But what about the numbers on energy savings? According to energystar.gov, “On average, U.S. hotels spend $2,196 on each room every year on energy.”

   Avg. Annual Hotel Room Energy Cost


   Energy Savings


   Annual Energy Savings


   Annual Savings (Hotel w/ 100 Rooms)



But LEDs can save more than just 10%. They can save up to 75% energy.

An entire hotel can benefit from converting to LED lights, but let's discuss key areas where LED bulbs can enhance hotel lighting.


Hotel main entrances, foyers, and lobbies of hotels use decorative chandelier, flush mount lights, recessed lights, or pendant lights to make guests feel at home. These hard-to-reach fixtures run non-stop. With LED hotel lights, bulbs would only need replacing once in a blue moon, saving maintenance workers from the headache of replacing difficult bulbs once or twice a year.

Candelabra LEDs, LED flush mounts, and LED downlights work well as LED lighting fixtures in lobbies for general or accent lighting and can tie together the atmosphere of the hotel.


Flickering fluorescent lights can make humming sounds and conjure images of a hotel horror movie. Psycho or The Shining maybe…? You can easily replace panel lighting with more reliable LED troffer or panel retrofit kits. Sensors also save on energy in hallways and make guests feel safer in well-lit hallways.

It can be a challenge to strike a balance as guests prefer lit hallways. Using sensors to brighten dim hallways when guests walk through is a compromise with safety and energy savings, according to energystar.gov.

Individual Rooms

The hotel guest’s room is their castle for the duration of their stay. Guests expect nothing but the best and guest satisfaction is top priority. Implement high quality LEDs in hotel room lighting to improve guest experience. Letting the guest set their mood is what really drives good reviews and repeat customers. Using dimmers to find their Zen state, guests can try lighting controls to feel more comfortable.

Fun fact: hotel room LED lights usually use a GU24 base to stop those who like to take souvenirs beyond the complementary soap and shampoo. The GU24 base twists and locks to prevent theft.

Of course, many other places need LED hotel lights like the gym, dining area, parking lot, patios, etc. We will talk more about them in the future, but for now let’s recap the benefits of converting LED:

  • Energy Savings- LED bulbs require less energy to light and therefore cost less money to operate.
  • Lifespan- LED lights last thousands of life hours. They don’t need to be replaced as often.
  • Low Maintenance- Because of their lifespan, hotel maintenance workers don’t need to change LED bulbs often and can focus on other tasks.
  • Guest Satisfaction- Guests are happy when they can have the room the way they want it, especially when it comes to lighting. LED bulbs give the guest more control.

If you want to improve the performance and operation of your hotel, never stop saving when you switch to LED bulbs by shopping at HomElectrical. Let us know of any other ways to use LED lights in hotel lighting in the comments below!

Mark Watola
Mark Watola

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