Flush Mount LED Lights

When you're looking to style a room, you can easily put up an LED flush mount light to help complete a look. Search our variety of LED flush mount lights to find which copper, nickel, traditional, mushroom, or any other style flush mount light would work best in your space. HomElectrical has many different sizes of LED flush mount light fixtures for you to choose from, as well as dimmable lights, so browse our selection to find your favorite design today.

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What is the difference between flush mounted and semi flush mounted lights?

A semi flush mount is a dome shaped light fixture that mounts flat or flush to the ceiling but the light will hang below the mounted fixture. Semi flush mounts are typically more decorative than enclosed flush mounts because of their open display. By having the lights below the ceiling, it gives the fixture more versatility in design as well as lighting options.

Which flush mount LED do I need?

There are many different types of flush mounts to pick from. You can choose from a variety of design options including size, style, finish, and shape. Flush mounts are the most commonly used fixture in residential spaces because of their versatility. Their compact size allows them to fit into various types of applications around the home and help to provide ambient lighting. Flush mount LED lights are typically used in rooms with low ceilings.

How do I wire a mounted light into the ceiling?

To wire a mounted fixture into a ceiling, follow these Installation Steps:

  • First, turn off all power to the existing light or fixture
  • Remove your old ceiling light
  • Inspect your old wiring to make sure there are not any exposed wires
  • Mount the crossbar of your new fixture
  • Connect the new wires of your fixture as they were to the old fixture
  • Make sure all the new wires are safely secured behind the drywall
  • Secure the new fixture’s base
  • Make sure you have the correct bulb with the correct wattage for the fixture
  • Turn the power back on
  • Finished

Where would I put a Flush Mount LED Light?

Flush mount lights are very diverse and ideally used in residential spaces, offices, retail stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and hotels. They are most commonly used in bathrooms, closets, utility rooms, interior hallways, or interior stairwells.
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