What Type of Smoke Alarm Do I Need?

What is the purpose of a smoke alarm?


Smoke detectors are protection devices used to warn in the presence of smoke, either from a slow burning fire or a fast burning fire.

2015 Fire Deaths in the U.S.

Many injuries and deaths can be prevented with the help of smoke, carbon monoxide, or natural gas detectors. While these detectors cannot prevent fire, their goal is the warn of their presence so that you can exit the building for safety.

What type of smoke alarm should I use?

While detectors are used for safety, there are always reasons for why the detection was missed.

  • The type of alarm was not created to detect the type of fire that irrupted.
What Type of Smoke Alarm Should I Use

While it is a good idea to have one of every type of smoke alarm in your home, you need to consult your general electrician to make sure your local county and state codes are being met. Some areas, such as the kitchen, may require a natural gas detector while another room, such as a bedroom, may only require a standard smoke alarm.

  • The alarm was not maintained properly
What Type of Smoke Alarm Should I Use

Detection devices are like any other electrical product. For their life span to be achieved, they need to be maintained properly.

Proper maintenance includes:

Not Painting the Alarm
Changing the Alarm Batteries
Keep alarm free of dust and debris
Test alarm once a month

What are the best detection devices for my home?

There are two widely known smoke and fire alarm companies: Universal Security Instruments and Kidde. While other brands exist, these two are at the top of their class.

Universal Security Instruments, Inc. (USI) began their journey in the fire protection business in 1969. They have grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. USI strives to provide the highest quality products for their consumers.

Protecting against fast-flaming fires, this hardwired smoke and fire alarm uses Ionization protection technology. View more information!
This is a battery operated (9V) Ionization Smoke and Fire alarm. This alarm responds quickly to fast-flaming fires.
This is a hardwired smoke, fire, CO, and natural gas detector. This alarm protects against all types of smoke and fire.

Following closely behind USI, Kidde Fire Safety Products are also among the top-ranking smoke and fire alarm products. The company began in 1917 by Walter Kidde. Kidde Fire Safety Products was founded on the belief that quality, performance, responsibility, innovation, and customer care should always be in mind.

Utilizing ionization technology, this hardwired smoke and fire alarm warns of fast-flaming fires.
This battery operated (9V) smoke and fire alarm detects fast-flaming fires with ionization technology.
Protecting against Carbon Monoxide and smoke, this battery-operated alarm protects against fast-flaming fires and CO gas.

Now that you have a better understanding of what your smoke alarm (or carbon monoxide alarm) is used for, why it is needed, and how to determine what type of alarm you need, visit us at HomElectrical.

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