USI Hardwired Ionization Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm

USI 1204
The USI 1204 Model is a direct replacement for the 1204A, 1208, 1209, 1213, and the SS-790 alarm models. It includes a 9V Battery Backup and can be interconnected with up to 18 other units.
USI Hardwired Ionization Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm
USI Hardwired Ionization Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm
Replacement Product
Sold ByEachEach
10-Year BatteryNoNo
Alarm Sensing TechnologyConventionalIonization
Alarm Sensor TypeSmoke AlarmSmoke Alarm
CompanyUSI Smoke & Fire AlarmsUSI Smoke & Fire Alarms
Maximum Voltage120V
Power TypeHardwiredHardwired
Product categorySmoke DetectorSmoke Detector
Sealed BatteryNoNo
Warranty5 Yr10 Yr

USI 1204 Description

The Electrical smoke detector and fire alarm is ideal for the home and office use. The smoke alarm has features such as an originating alarm light which flashes a red LED on the originating smoke alarm. The body of the alarm features a full dust cover that protects the alarm from spray application. A silencer feature allows the alarm to be temporarily overridden for cooking and fireplaces. Smart interconnect allows up to 18 units to be connected with 12 smoke alarms maximum - when one alarm is triggered, all smoke alarms will sound. Installation is simple with the battery pull tab which activates the battery and reduces installation time.

  • USI-1204 and USI-1204HA are the same product with no differences - the change is for the manufacturer's use only.
  • Can be used to replace the USI-1208, USI-1209, USI-1213 and SS-790 alarms (uses same bracket & connector plug).
  • Comes with mounting plate.
  • Includes 9V Battery.
  • Audible Low Battery Indicator.
  • Fast And Easy Installation.
  • Alarm and Power Test Button.
  • Dual Chamber Ionization Sensor.
  • Loud 85 Decibel Horn.
  • 5 Year Warranty.
  • Dimensions: 5.31-in (L) x 5.31-in (W) x 2-in (H).

Installation/Removal Information:

  • Quick Connect wire included between unit and base.
  • Removal of base from unit requires a counter-clockwise twist.

This USI 1204 Smoke Detector was manufactured October 7, 2020

Bracket will need to be replaced if it was manufactured before 2016


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