Kidde Kidde Battery Operated Combo Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

Kidde Kidde Battery Operated Combo Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm
Kidde Kidde Battery Operated Combo Carbon Monoxide & Smoke A...
Replacement Product
Sold ByPack of 3Each
Color / FinishWhite
CompanyKidde Smoke DetectorKidde Smoke Detector
Power TypeBatteryBattery
Product categorySmoke DetectorSmoke Detector
Tamper ResistantYes

Kidde KN-COSM-BA Description

Kidde Combo Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm provides protection from both fire and dangerous levels of CO all in one device. Voice warning system uses verbal warnings to ensure that the user knows the reason for the alert. Battery operated to provide protection even in the occurrence of a power outage. LED indicator flashes with three long beeps and a verbal indicator will announce "Fire!" when there is any smoke detected. Four short beeps and verbal warning "Carbon Monoxide!" will announce presence of high levels of CO. One beep followed by verbal warning "Low Battery" indicates that battery needs to be changed. Silencer feature to ensure that false and nuisance alarms can be overridden by user.

  • Battery Operated: 9V Battery Operated.
  • Test/Reset Button: Tests effectiveness of all functions.
  • Vocal Warnings: Let the user know why the alarm is sounding.
  • Silencer Feature: Consumer control in event of false or nuisance alarms.
  • Combination Alarm: Alerts both in the presence of smoke and high CO levels.
  • Tamper Resistant Feature: Locking feature eliminates concerns about theft or tampering.
  • LED Indicator: Green light flashes in 30-40 second intervals to indicate that smoke alarm is operating properly and flashing red indicates alarm.
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