Ridgid Power Tools

Ridgid power tools are great to have when you need to quickly thread a pipe. Keeping a pipe threaded is essential especially for those that are transferring liquids and gases. Even if the job requires you to step away from the workshop these tools can also be portable for your convenience and they have induction motors for your neighbors. Find all of the necessary equipment for your pipe threading process at HomElectrical.

What are Ridgid Power Tools made of?

  • Induction motors to minimize sound
  • Portable threading machine
  • Power drive that can fit in your hand

What are Ridgid Stands used for?

Ridgid pipe stands have features including:

  • Foldable legs
  • Quick vertical adjustment with a locking ring
  • Able to center pipe and rotate it with rollers
  • Conveyor head permit a back and forth motion

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