Ridgid Cutting Tools

Ridgid cutting tools are made from alloy steel so that they can give the wielder a fast and clean cut. The handles were designed with the idea of allowing the user to have greater control while they were cutting. Not only does this lessen the likely hood of an accident but it also increases the accuracy of the cut. These cutting tools are generally used for pipe cutting and can work on a variety of materials so they won't be limited. Find all of your cutting tools that you will need for you upcoming application at HomElectrical today!

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What are Ridgid Cutting Tools made of?

Ridgid cutting tools features include:

  • Hardened alloy steel jaws
  • Handles provide crisp, controlled cutting
  • Rubberized hand grip for comfort
  • Replacement cutter wheels made from high-grade steel
  • Fast and clean cuts

How do pipe and tube cutters work?

Ridgid offers a wide variety of cutting tools, including pipe and tube cutters. Tube cutters use a very sharp blade to cut through PVS pips and other plastic tubing. This is done by squeezing the handles together. It is very important to make square cuts in your tubing to prevent leaks.
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