Ridgid Heavy Duty Wrenches

Ridgid heavy duty wrenches can be used on a variety of fasteners including: hex nuts, drain nuts, square nut, union and valve packing nuts. They are also able to reach into those tight spaces so that you can secure a fastener wherever it may be. Explore our wide collection of wrenches and fasteners to find everything you need for your project at HomElectrical.

What are Ridgid Heavy Duty Wrenches?

  • Has alloy steel jaws that are replaceable
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Made from alloy steel

What are hex wrenches used for?

Commonly referred to as an Allen wrench, hex wrenches are used to fasten bolts with a 6-point socket. The three most common size hex wrenches are:

  • 5/32"
  • 3/16"
  • 1/4"

What are chain wrenches used for?

Chain wrenches are commonly used to tighten, loosen, or hold in place, a bolt, nut, or other circular object. Once the chain is attached, using the handle, ratchet the wrench to move the object in the direction you desire.
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