NovaLux LED Landscape Lighting

When looking for your LED landscape lighting you will want to pay attention to what wattage, voltage, and style fixture you need. Whether you are in need of bullet walkways lighting, pathway lighting, or post top lighting, HomElectrical has a wide variety of outdoor lighting options to fit your needs. NovaLux lighting products offer the quality, style, and efficiency you are looking for. Shop today!

What is Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting, also referred to as garden lighting, is used outdoors to illuminate various focal points such as large trees, support beams, display art, and more. This type of lighting is used not only for display, but also for safety, security, and nighttime aesthetics.

How does LED landscape lighting work?

LED landscape lighting uses low-voltage electric cable that is intended for underground use along with water-proof cable connectors. Just about all LED landscape lighting will use these weather resistant materials.

What is a well light?

Well lights function as in-ground lighting to illuminate trees, plants, bushes, or décor in your landscape. They install underground so you can appreciate the light without seeing the fixture.

What type of Landscape Lighting is available?

Depending on the type of application you intend to use your landscape lighting for, options range from various sized flood lighting, pathway lighting or various heights, and wall washers to in-ground bullet lighting. Your lighting options range from lighting a rock to lighting the side of a building.

What is an LED Wall Washer?

LED wall washers are linear, outdoor light fixtures intended to light the side of a building or wall evenly without lighting the floor of the building or wall. These fixtures are similar to spot lights and floodlights, but the provide a rectangular shaped distribution rather than a circular distribution.
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