NovaLux LED Tube

NovaLux LED tubes can be found for a great price at HomElectrical. We carry a selection of color temperatures and wattages that can replace up to a 32 watt incandescent or fluorescent tube. With easy installation and a built-in universal driver, these LED tubes are sure to meet any LED lighting need you have. Get yours today!

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What is a NovaLux LED Tube?

An LED tube light is a tube-shaped lamp typically found in linear fixtures. The most common tube light, T8 tubes, fit into fixtures such as utility lights. Other LED tubes, such as the U-bend, fit into specialty fixtures.

Why switch to LED tubes?

LED tube lights last up to 10 times longer than other light bulbs. Some models last up to 50,000 hours.

LEDs perform better with instant on technology, requiring no warm-up or cool down. They also offer more lumen options than other types of bulbs.

LEDs require less wattage to power, which saves energy. Energy savings translate to money savings.

LED tube lights use a driver instead of a ballast, and make no humming or buzzing noises.

What does the "8" in T8 stand for?

The "8" denotes the diameter of the bulb, in increments of 1/8 of an inch. A T8 bulb measures 8/8 inches, or 1 inch in diameter.

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