Wall Washer Light

A wall washer light is the perfect LED outdoor light solution for your home or office.  LED Wall washer lights are perfect for adding a dynamic lighting solution for outdoor areas.  Shop HomElectrical today to see if you quality for free shipping today!

What is the maximum number of fixtures that can be interconnected and controlled by the LED linear wall washer controller?

When using LED wall washer controls for outdoor lighting, it must be secured in a weatherproof and secured panel or J-box.  The maximum number of fixtures that can be controlled by the LW36-CON controller is thirty but be sure to check with your local electrician.  Code guidelines change frequently so to be 100% accurate make sure to stay current with local laws and code guidelines. Learn more about wall washers here!

What is the required mounting distance for LED wall washers?

The proper mounting distance for LED wall washer may vary depending on your city code, so be sure to check the instructions and guidelines for your specific light.  As a rule, mounting distance is equal to spacing distance and should equal ⅓ of the ceiling height. For spaces 9 feet or lower, mount 2 to 3 feet from the wall. For spaces 9 to 11 feet high, mount 3 to 4 feet from the wall. 

How are wall washers commonly used?

Wall washing is a design technique typically used to light flat walls. By utilizing wall washing you can create an even distribution of light from floor to ceiling that will bring your attention to the desired locations.  This application can be used to cover a large and smooth vertical surface. Wall washing uses grazing fixtures that are designed to slightly cover a textured surface such as stone or brick with light to create a delicate lighting effect.
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