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Ground or well lights are low voltage light fixtures that are used for recessed outdoor lighting.  They also allow water to pass through them without damaging the bulb or the circuit.  Visit HomElectrical today to find the perfect ground or well light today!

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Where are ground and well lights commonly used?

LED ground and well lights are usually installed into the ground with a recessed fixture. The goal of landscape lighting is to only see the effects of lighting, not the fixture itself.  They are used to illuminate trees, buildings, large plants, and homes.  The fixture is very versatile and durable so they are utilized for outdoor landscape lighting.

Which bulb do I need for my ground and well light fixture?

The type of bulb you will use for your bullet flood light will depend on the application of the fixture itself.  For instance, if you want a soft warm glow you would select a bulb with a lower Lumen output. Brightness of a bulb is determined by the lumen count.  In addition to brightness you will need to consider the size and base type of the fixture.  If you have a smaller fixture you will need a bulb with a smaller diameter, which is indicated by the number next to the bulb type.

A PAR16 bulb would work for smaller fixtures while a PAR38 would be for a larger fixture.  You can purchase different size bulbs with different lumen outputs so make sure to check the fixtures specifications to help you make the right choice.  However an LED PAR 38 bulb is the most common uses bulb for flood light fixtures since is has more variety for beam angle options.  For a complete bulb fitting guide click here

What are the mounting options for ground and well lights?

LED ground and well lights have a few options for installation brackets and mounting.  The most common bracket for well and ground lights is recessed housing. Most of the time, these types of lights are used on the ground or in walls.  They are designed to sit flush inside the housing either behind the wall or below the surface of the ground.

Are well lights only used for landscape lighting?

LED Well lights are used in the ground for landscape lighting to help add lighting to trees.  Well lights can be used in other areas, such as walkways, hallways, and garages; though, they are primarily used and designed for outdoor use.  Well lights have a durable recesses housing that makes them a durable lighting option for landscape lights.

Keep in mind that they can often be confused with LED Wall and pathway lights since the have a similar shape and lighting effect.  Learn more about LED lighting on our blog here

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