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Are you searching for new or updated LED stadium lighting? Lamp Shining LED stadium lights fulfill your lumen, CRI and color temperature needs and more! Shop Lamp Shining's selection of stadium, court, and arena high mast lights at HomElectrical today.

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Where can I install Lamp Shining’s LED Stadium/Sports lights?

The primary places would be in sporting spaces such as fields, courts, stadiums, and rings. Lamp Shining’s LED stadium lights are also ideal for lighting parking lots, outdoor sports courts or most LED arena lights. Most styles can be installed on a wall, the ground, a pole, or the ceiling. The most popular installation method is a high mast pole in stadiums and highways.

Can I replace metal halide with an LED fixture?

Many people, ranging from residential residents to industrial workers, switch to LED lighting fixtures due to the energy efficient factors. Before LED, higher wattage metal halide fixtures provided the proper lumens and general lighting distribution needed for stadiums. However, LED provides appealing benefits.

Lamp Shining offers LED replacement fixtures for higher wattage metal halide fixtures. Some features like heat dissipation and light distribution may change when replacing the fixture but energy savings sometimes outweigh the possible setbacks of switching. A building or property manager can make the decision.

How many hours does an LED stadium light last?

This depends on many factors, like how much they’re used and the conditions they experience. On average, Lamp Shining's LED stadium/sports lights range from 45,000 hours to 50,000 hours, which usually lasts around 10 years. Lamp Shining guarantees waterproof, wind resistant and safety certified LED products and offer a varying year warranty on every product. If an unfortunate event happens, continuing your search for the best LED replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle.

What makes each style of stadium and sports lights from Lamp Shining unique?

All styles include lightweight, wind resistant, waterproof materials and can choose from various installation options (ceiling, ground, pole) accessories. However, the styles differ in their design, beam angles, versatility and features.

Slim Models include DCL ETL and TUV SAA certification and use Stirrup mounting bracket adjusts by ±360'. They come in three separate types listed below:

  • Max: Expands horizontally
  • Pro: Expands vertically
  • Plus: Laser pointer calibration
  • Dragonfly Model

    • “Wing” configuration from one to six smaller, compact luminaires
    • 360° rotatable module
    • Pro: Single modules assemble together horizontally
    • Plus: Single modules assemble together vertically

    Transformer Model

    • “Wing configuration” with wide luminaires
    • Beam angle ranges from 10° to 140*100°

    Spotlight Model

    • Single luminaire adjusts at different angles
    • Beam angle ranges from 25° to 90°
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