Lamp Shining LED Corn Bulb

HomElectrical's supply of Lamp Shining LED Corn Bulbs a variety of LED wattage options equivalent to 150 to 1000 watts of metal halide fixtures. Offering the best quality corn bulbs with wattage options to fit any need, Lamp Shining LED will make transitioning from any acorn light bulb, post top light bulb, or dome shaped low bay fixtures to an LED simple, easy, and cost effective.

What is an LED Corn Bulb?

A corn bulb is a 365 degree, LED chipped lighting bulb that is used to retrofit acorn lights, post top lights, or dome shaped low bay lights. The lower wattage corn bulbs carry their power driver inside the bulb while the higher wattage bulbs have external power drivers.

What is the difference between an E26 lamp base and an E39/Mogul lamp base?

The difference between these two bases are their sizes. The E26 is a traditional, standard sized light bulb base - what you would normally find in your side table lamp. An E39 - or Mogul - lamp base is the same type of base as the E26, but is larger in size, both diameter and height. E39/Mogul bases are traditionally found in fixtures where the wattage required for operation is higher.
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