Klein Tool Pouch, Carrier, Belt & Suspender

Browse from our large selection of Klein Tools Tool Pouch, Carrier, Belt & Suspender products. Klein Tools offers a variety of tool pouches, carriers, belts, and suspenders that suit virtually every preference and need. For a durable and convenient tool pouch, carrier, belt and suspender product, shop today at HomElectrical!

What are Klein Tools Tool Pouch, Carrier, Belt & Suspender products made of?

Klein Tools pouches and carriers are made out of leather and riveted to ensure a long life. Belts and suspenders by Klein Tools have adjustable straps for comfort and stability that are made out of the strongest nylon to ensure added durability.

What are Klein Tools positioning straps and snap hooks good for?

Klein Tools Positioning strap and snap hook's adjustable positioning strap allows you to work at arm's length of positioning anchorage. Snap hooks are easy to use with even the thickest gloves. They also are made of an exceptionally strong and flexible fabric and features internal lock mechanism.
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