HOMEnhancements Wall Sconce

Brighten living rooms and bedrooms with wall sconces from HOMEnhancements! Available in subtle yet stylish fixtures or sleek and modern designs, you can find a wall sconce to brighten almost any space in your home. Shop HomElectrical today to find stylish HOMEnhancements wall sconces!

What is a wall sconce?

A wall sconce light fixture functions as a type of wall lamp. Wall light sconces wall mount instead of ceiling mount. Use them to add more lighting to your spaces in addition to overhead ceiling lights.

Depending on the type of wall sconce and where you wish to place it, a wall sconce may work as an ambient, accent, or task light. Wall sconces in larger rooms, like a living room or dining room, can work as accent lighting to highlight art or a decorative aspect. They can also help provide a layered lighting design to eliminate shadows. In a bedroom, they can act as task lighting. Wall fixtures with a swing arm work well as reading lights.

Additionally, certain sconces use different installation methods. Some can hardwire while others can plug-in for easy installation.

Where do you use a wall sconce?

Wall sconces can brighten a wide variety of areas around the home, including:

  • Dining rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Breakfast nooks
  • Entrances
  • and more

What wall sconces does HOMEnhancements offer?

HOMEnhancements offers wall sconces available in different styles and finishes. Their CFT series wall sconces feature a half-moon shape with frosted glass shades. The Justin series wall sconces offer a modern design and can use light bulbs like filament bulbs to add more style to the fixture.

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