HOMEnhancements LED Bulb

Brighten your home with light bulbs from HOMEnhancements! HOMEnhancements LED light bulbs include T8 tubes, A19 bulbs, BR20 bulbs, BR40 bulbs, and more. Brighten homes and businesses with HOMEnhancements LED bulbs available at HomElectrical!

Why use a HOMEnhancements bulb?

HOMEnhancements offers quality LED light bulbs for use in a variety of fixtures. HOMEnhancements' LED T8 tubes feature a direct wire, or ballast bypass, installation and come in 2-ft and 4-ft options for your convenience. They work well in commercial settings, like office buildings. Additionally, HOMEnhancements offers BR light bulbs, including BR20, BR30, and BR40 bulbs. Use BR bulbs in recessed can lighting.

What color temperature do I need?

The color temperature you need may depend on your preference or the area you want to light.

  • 2700K-3300K - warm white color temperature suitable for homes, restaurants, and hotel lobbies.
  • 4000K-5000K - bright white color temperature suitable for task-oriented lighting, offices, and restaurant kitchens.

What are BR bulbs used for?

BR bulbs, also known as bulged reflector bulbs, contain a reflective internal coating that directs light. BR bulbs offer wide beam angles and can illuminate large areas, like hallways or office spaces.

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