HOMEnhancements Under Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet accent lighting illuminates the dark spaces under your kitchen cabinets and brightens your kitchen. Find the perfect lighting systems from HOMEnhancements at HomElectrical today!

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What are the uses of under-cabinet lighting?

Place the light bar underneath your kitchen cabinets to illuminate your countertop or sink. This light fixture makes it easier to see while doing tasks such as chopping vegetables or washing dishes. Under-cabinet lights make your kitchen appear larger. Dimmers allow you to set the mood. They also accommodate the different visual needs of those in your household.

What are the benefits of LED cabinet lights?

LED lights offer many advantages over other types, such as halogen or fluorescent lights. This especially applies to the kitchen. LED lights produce a high number of lumens and a low number of watts. This means that LED’s light up a room without consuming a lot of power.

The low power consumption keeps the bulb from producing excessive heat. Due to the appliances that rely on heat, the kitchen often stays warmer than the rest of the house. Make sure your lights don’t contribute to this heat. LED lights brighten up your kitchen without increasing the temperature. This contributes to a more energy efficient home overall.

In addition, HOMEnhancements’ under-cabinet lights include a dimmer. This allows you to save even more energy by controlling the brightness of your bulbs. LED lights do cost more initially than other types of lights. However, their energy efficiency saves you money in the long run.

How are under-cabinet lights powered?

When installing under cabinets, you need to consider the power options. Under-cabinet lights can get their power in three different ways:

  • line voltage
  • low voltage
  • battery power

A line voltage light goes directly into the electrical system. A low voltage plug-in light typically goes in a power outlet. A battery-powered light relies on AA batteries instead of the home’s electricity.

HOMEnhancements uses line voltage cabinet lights which require a 120 Volt. AC grounded electrical supply line. These easy-to-install hardwired lights include mounting hardware and efficiently brighten the dark spaces under your cabinet.

What lumens and color temperature do I need?

Task lights such as under-cabinet lights require more lumens than ambient lighting since they cast light on a designated area for a specific purpose. Task lighting typically measures at 50 lumens per square foot. This sits at around 1000 lumens. Use this number as a starting point. Then choose the brightness you want based on personal preference. When preparing food under the counter light, you will want a color temperature between 3000K and 5000K. This creates contrast against the surrounding areas and makes the food look appealing.
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