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Pendant lights give you a stylish, flexible option for lighting your home. Pendant lights provide a more minimalistic design than chandeliers while still keeping the space elegant. Find the perfect pendant lighting solution for your entryway, kitchen, dining room and more from HOMEnhancements at HomElectrical!

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Where can I use pendant lights?

Hanging lights continue to add decoration to homes nowadays, and as trends such as minimalism and farmhouse décor take over the United States, many people choose to install pendant lights in their home. You can hang pendant lights in the kitchen island, breakfast nooks, entryways, and even bathrooms and bedrooms. These ceiling lights hang down from a chain or wire and allow you to choose the length of the light.

Entryway lights illuminate your home’s entryway, or foyer, and give guests a good impression of your home. For foyer lighting, pendant lights come in a smaller size than a kitchen light.

Kitchen islands see many uses, including cooking, eating, and entertaining guests, and their lighting options offer just as much versatility. You can choose to install a group of lights or a single fixture containing several bulbs. If your island has seating, consider putting a mini pendant light over each seat.

For a breakfast nook, choose a style that matches the rest of your kitchen, while also choosing a unique fixture that accents the area. In a dining room, you can choose a larger light if you have a larger dining table, and you can match the lighting fixture to wall plates and other details of the room.

Other ideas for pendant lights include hanging mini pendants over your bathroom vanity or using light fixtures to provide diffused ambient lighting in a bedroom. You can place pendant lights in your living room to accent a reading area or create an entertainment area by placing them above the TV.

What style should I choose?

As the styles available include open cage, bird cage, square, bullet, beehive, and globe pendants, pendant lights allow you to create a look as minimalist or ornate as you want.

Choose an open style if you place the light where you would like to see through it, such as near a window with a view. Ornate birdcage lights allow you to place an ornate decoration in areas that typically do not have many opportunities for customization, such as an entryway.

In addition to the shape, consider the shade. Pendant lights with shades facing up provide ambient lighting, which provides light for the entire room. A shade facing down provides task lighting , which illuminates a smaller space for a particular task, such as eating.

HOMEnhancements sells many types of pendant lights with metal and glass shades. Colors and finishes include brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, clear glass, and matte black. Choose a material that matches the rest of the room’s walls, floors, and wall plates.

What size light do I need?

Choose the size of your light based on the size of the space you want to illuminate, and make sure the chain hangs 28-34 inches above your workspace. If you use a table lamp, aim for six inches of clearance on each side. You also want to consider how many light bulbs you need. If you want task lighting, you need more bulbs, but if you want ambient lighting, choose a fixture with less bulbs.

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