General Protecht GFCI Outlet

Discover a smart electrical outlet like the General Protecht GFCI from HomElectrical. These outlets are able to self-test and make sure that there are no ground faults. If it does detect one it will give you both an audible and visual indication that there is a problem. Not only are they smart but they are meant to last. With the materials that they are made from they will not need to be replaced for a long period of time. Get a GFCI outlet for your renovation or construction project at HomElectrical.

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What is Thermoplastic used for?

Thermoplastic is a highly durable and impact resistant material. It is resistant to:

  • Shock
  • Heat
  • Corruption
  • Moisture

What is Tamper Resistant?

Tamper resistant receptacles contain an internal, spring-loaded shutter that does not allow the entry of foreign objects. The shutter will not permit an electrical connection unless the pressure on both sides of the internal shutter is even.This feature is ideal for residential locations, schools, or daycares because it prevents children from accidentally electrocuting themselves and is safer than an outlet cover as it does not present a choking hazard.

What is Weather Resistant?

Weather resistant receptacles are made with more durable housing and corrosion-resistant metal components that resist both UV lights and extreme temperatures. This feature is most useful for GFCIs installed on outside patios, decks, or screened in porches.
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