GP 15 Amp Tamper Resistant GFCI w/ LED, Almond

GP 15 Amp Tamper Resistant GFCI w/ LED, Almond

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The Class-A Rated Almond 15-amp Tamper Resistant Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) duplex outlet provides protection against electrical shocks and fires caused by ground faults. The 15-amp GFCI duplex receptacle can be easily installed in a typical wall switch box for both residential and commercial use. Tamper-Resistant GFCIs, like this one, have spring-loaded shutters that only open when a proper two or three bladed plug is inserted into the socket. They are designed to detect and prevent foreign objects (such as keys, hairpins, or nails) from entering into the electrical socket. This is especially important in locations where there are children present. GFCI also conveniently includes a built-in end-of-life warning feature which automatically alerts the user when the receptacle is no longer effective and needs to be reset or replaced. Wall plate included.

  • Color: Almond.
  • Voltage: 125 V.
  • Amperage: 15-amp.
  • Safe: Safe-lock design assures fixed state when current is tripped.
  • Working Temperatures: Works reliably at temperatures from -31 F to 151 F.
  • Tamper-Resistant: Prevents foreign objects from entering into electrical socket.
  • Effective: Can sustain up to 6000 V & 10,000 amp current impulse instantaneously.
  • Easy Installation: Green grounding screw works as grounding connector for easy installation and recognition.
  • End-Of-Life Detection: When GFCI fails, red warning signal will auto-warn to remind user to reset or replace.
  • Strong & Durable Material: Made of high-impact resistant thermoplastic which is resistant to shock, heat, corruption and moisture.
  • Stay up to code!: As of 2008, the National Electric Code (NEC) requires that GFCI receptacles be installed in all possible wet and damp environments, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement. The NEC also requires that all new and renovated facilities must use tamper resistant receptacles in all construction projects.
  • Codes Met: This specific GFCI exceeds UL943 and cUL943 technical requirements in the NEC.
List Price: $16.35

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Product Specifications

Part NumberDG15TR-AA-B
Color / FinishAlmond
Maximum Amperage15 Amp
Maximum Voltage125V
Tamper ResistantYes
Weather ResistantNo
Weight0.45 lb

Manufacturer Description

  • Exceeds 2008 UL943 & cUL943 technical requirements
  • Ivory 15 Amp 125V Tamper Resistant GFCI duplex receptacle
  • Automatic end-of-life detection and warn functions, when GFCI fails, the red signal lamp will auto-warn to remind user to replace
  • Wall Plate is Included.
  • Safe-lock design, assure fixed state while tripped
  • Provides permanent electro-magnetic motion
  • Prevents Line reversal miss-wire: GFCI cannot be reset and no power to the outlet if wired incorrectly
  • Overload and anti-jamming abilities
  • Adaptable duplex outlet faceplate, load terminal can load common receptacle and other home compliances which also have ground fault protect function
  • Wiring screw adopts improved tension disc construction, making 10#-14#AWF copper wire reliable connection
  • Made of GE LEXAN 24IR High-impact resistant thermoplastic which is resistant to shock, heat, corruption and moisture
  • Works reliably at temperatures from -31 to 151 Fahrenheit
  • Green grounding screw as grounding connector for easy installation and recognition
  • Can sustain up to 6000 V & 10000A current impulse instantaneously
  • Class A Rated GFCI
  • UL & cUL Listed

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