American Lighting Hybrid 2 Series

The American Lighting Hybrid 2 Series offers a variety of LED strip light, LED tape lights, and compatible accessories. These LED lights are extremely versatile and can be used for many indoor and outdoor applications. The parallel wiring ensures that if one LED goes out, the rest of the LED will stay lit. From DIY lighting installations to under cabinet lighting, LED strip lights are the perfect addition to any lighting project.

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What is the difference between tape light and LED strip light?

Though a strip light and a rope light look similar, they are quite different. Rope lighting is basically a long circular tube that has a string of lights inside to appear as if they are glowing or twinkling. Often, the tube is plastic, or another clear material, and are often used for decorative purposes because it has minimal light output.

Strip lights, also called LED tape or ribbon lights, are flexible circuit boards that are surface mounted to emit LEDs with an adhesive backing. They are also very flexible and flat so that you can shape them to many different surfaces.

You can also cut LED strip lights to certain lengths so that you can install them wherever you need without there being excess amounts left. Both of these lighting strips are decorative but are used for different purposes.  Learn more ways to use LED strip lighting Here!

What are American Lighting Hybrid Series 2 used for?

LED tape lights are used as flexible and flat lighting strips in a variety of different locations. They can go in different places such as kitchen under cabinet lighting, replacing ceiling fluorescents, lighting small projects for hobbies, or they can light a large conference room! light strips are very versatile and good for many applications, and they can be controlled by wireless dimming systems, DMX controllers, and wall switches for the best optimal uses.  Check out more ways to use LED strip lights Here!

How long are LED strip lights usually, and how long do they last?

Depending on what you are doing, you can buy different lengths of strip lights, and from there, you can cut them to whatever length you need. They also have a long life span, because a lot of the LED strip lights are dimmable, and have on average 30,000 hours of life! They are also rated for indoor and outdoor use, and they can come in bright neon colors to help you decorate any space!  Learn more about LED strip lights Here!

Can you cut LED lights to the size you want, or do they only come certain sizes?

You can cut LED strips to the size you want them to be! Most likely, LED strip lights will come in one long strip, and from there, you will be able to mount the LED strip light to whatever surface you need it to be on and then cut the remaining strips off. Cutting the LED strip will not harm the light if done properly. Their similar name, tape lights, lets you know that they are easy to use and place with their adhesive. Check out our blog about LED strip lights Here!
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