What is a LED Corn Bulb?

By falyn_eaden on 10/19/2016

corn bulb

LED Corn Bulb
Corn on the cob

The LED Corn Bulb got its name because of its resemblance to an ear of corn. However, instead of corn kernels, the corn bulb is usually covered with individual led lights. These bulbs can be used for multiple applications and are available with a few different screw bases. These bases are as follows:

  • E17
  • E26
  • E39

Why should I use LED corn bulbs?

LED corn bulb post top lightThe LED corn bulb offers more energy efficiency for lower replacement and maintenance costs. The driver and led lights are both protected from bugs, dust, weather, and heat. The corn bulbs are low voltage and offers long lasting life up to five times longer than traditional bulbs. The LED corn bulb also offers durability, a 360 degree beam angle, and are instant on.


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Where can I use Corn bulbs?

Corn bulb lighting is ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial application including the following:

High Bay Lighting

These lights are usually used on ceilings between 20 to 45 feet high.

high bay light fixture in warehousepost top led light fixture

Low Bay lighting

These lights are usually used on ceilings not taller than 20 feet high.

low bay led light fixtureLed corn bulb light fixture

Cobra Fixture lighting

These lights are typically used for illuminating highways, streets, parking areas and more.

corn bulb before and after apartment complexcobra led light fixture

Flood lights

Outdoor lights used to illuminate a broad area such as parks and playing fields.

stadium floodlightscobra led light bulb

Drop lighting

A light suspended from the ceiling with a chain, cord, or rod.

drop ceiling LED light fixture

Post Top lighting

These are lights that rest at the top of a pole of some sort. They are typically found along walkways and parks.

LED street light polepost top led light fixture

How to install the LED corn bulb?

Vertically Upward
(base up)

Vertically mount LED Corn bulb Upward
Vertically Downward
(base down)

Vertically mount LED Corn bulb Downward
Transversely Mounted
(base horizontal)

Transversely mount LED Corn bulb horizontally
The corn bulb may sport a funny name, but the benefits are far from a joke. With the LED corn bulb, you can rest assured that you are getting an energy efficient, low maintenance product, with longevity. You can also see a return on your investment in as little as 12 months. If you’re considering a purchase, visit HomElectrical.com where we have the most competitive prices on LED corn bulbs. Please, leave a comment if you have any questions or are still confused. No matter the project, we have the solution.