Which Corn Bulb Base Do I Need?

Don’t know what a corn bulb is? Check out this blog first and then come back.

A good way to replace your current Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and High Intensity Discharge bulbs is by retrofitting them with an LED corn bulb. Corn bulbs are energy efficient and a cinch to install. LED corn bulbs are one of the few ways you can retrofit your existing fixture. Be sure to visit our other blog to see what your other retrofitting options are.

What makes the corn bulb so great is that you can see results just as quick as you can install the bulb. These direct fit bulbs come in bases E17, E26, E39. What does that mean to you? Well before you can capitalize on its benefits you need to know what size base you need.

E17 Intermediate Base

E17 – The E17 base is known as an intermediate bulb. They are smaller than the bases your typical lightbulb uses but bigger than the bases necessary for chandeliers lights. You can find these bases connected to bulbs used for commercial exit signs, within microwaves, and refrigerators just to name a few.

E26 Medium Base

E26 – The E26 is considered the medium base and the most commonly used base. This is the base that you will typically find on the bottom of your household lights. Lamps and ceiling fan lights, are a couple examples of where you’d typically find these bases used.

E39 Mogul Base

E39 – The E39 base is also known as the Mogul base. This base is the largest of all of the screw bases. What makes these bases different is that they are designed to tolerate high temperatures which is typically necessary for commercial and industrial use.

If you haven’t noticed already corn bulbs are extremely versatile. They are offered in multiple different color temperatures, wattages, and as mentioned earlier, bases.

Falyn Eaden
Falyn Eaden

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