Victor Welding Supplies

Victor is a company that is focused on producing welding materials that will keep you safe and cut through metal easily. Their selection of welding supplies includes gas regulators, welding torches, cutting tips, and flashback arrestors. These tools can be used for a wide variety of applications: welding, construction, demolition, engineering and more. Venture through our collection Victor welding supplies for your applications at HomElectrical.

What are Victor Gas Regulators?

Victor gas regulators are used to regulate the pressure of a gas or liquid. Gas regulators can feature:

  • Output pressure setting
  • A restrictor
  • A sensor

What is a two stage regulator?

  • Two-Stage - reduces the pressure to the delivery or outlet pressure in two steps.
  • One-Stage - is able to reduce the pressure in one step.

What is a Victor Gas Welding Nozzle?

Victor's welding nozzle is generally used for heat treating, straightening, and priming. They all have been flame tested and it has a double o-ring seal.

What are Victor Torch Handles made of?

Victor's torch handles have the following features:

  • Built in reverse flow check valve
  • Flashback arrestor
  • Tube within a tube design
  • Die-forged brass body

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