Victor Cutting Tools

Slice through a piece of metal like a piece of meat. Victor's cutting tips are put through a lot of processing and development so that they are prepared to meet your needs when you get them. These cutting tools also include some cutting torch attachments to make your welding process more comfortable and so you can get the cut that you need. Explore HomElectrical for the type of cutting tools you need for your application.

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What are Victor Cutting Tips used for?

Victor's cutting tips are made from copper alloy so that they can properly withstand the heat during the cutting process. These cutting tips are put through a lot so that they can become a reliable tool for any welder. The alloy is machined, drilled, and swaged over special wire to produce exact holes for preheats and cutting oxygen bores.

When to use Victor Cutting Tips?

Victor cutting tips are designed for the welding process. They are going to be able to focus the flame more and cut through metal with more ease.

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