Victor Gas Arc Nuts

The last thing that we want is to become one of those cartoon characters that plays around with explosive material a little too much. So whenever you are working with gases or any liquid make sure that you are regulating the pressure with Victor's gas arc nuts at HomElectrical. These regulators can be a two-stage or one-stage depending on what your application is. Explore a wide variety of gas arc nuts to meet all of your project's needs at HomElectrical today!

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Why do I need a Victor Gas Regulator?

Just as the name suggests these devices are used to regulate the pressure of a gas or liquid. Gas regulators can feature:

  • Output pressure setting
  • A restrictor
  • A sensor

What is the difference between a one and two stage Victor Gas Regulator?

  • Two-Stage - reduces the pressure to the delivery or outlet pressure in two steps.
  • One-Stage - is able to reduce the pressure in one step.

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