Victor Flashback Arrestors

Safeguard yourself from any possible dangers while you are welding with Victor's flashback arrestor. These arrestors are made from brass and are perfect for keeping you and your equipment safe. This tool is designed to keep the welder safe during the welding process and prevent backfires and flashbacks. Discover the flashback arrestor that is right for your application at HomElectrical today!Read more about Victor's Flashback Arrestors!

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What are Victor Flashback Arrestors used for?

Flashback arrestors are a safety device used in those applications that use gas. It is generally used in oxy-fuel cutting and welding to prevent the user and equipment from explosions or damages. These arrestors will stop the flame or reverse the flow of gas as a prevention method. Victor's flashback arrestors can also be found in some of their torch handles for more convenience.

What are Victor Flowmeter Regulators used for?

Victor flowmeter regualtors are designed to give accurate flow control of the more high pressure gases.

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