Types of Landscape Lighting

When considering adding landscape lighting to your home, office, or garden, look no further! Whether you want a magical lighting experience in your backyard, highlight trees, bushes, and shrubs in a stand-out fashion, or make your home safer using added lighting, you can find the landscape lighting that best suits your needs.

Why use landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting adds beauty and style to your nighttime landscape. You can highlight areas of your lawn or garden that normally get covered in darkness as soon as night falls. You can also add security light fixtures like motion sensor flood lights around the property.

What types of landscape lighting are there?

When deciding what landscape lighting you want to use for your property, you should consider what you want to illuminate. Quite a few types of landscape lighting to fit your needs:

American Lighting FrameWRX Burg Path Light

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting can add style along your paths during the day while keeping them properly lit at night. You could outline your walkway with a unique fixture, like this tulip glass 3W Dabmar LED Path Light, or a classic lantern style 2.5W Dabmar fixture.

Bollard path lights create a tall lighted border around your walkway. Bollard lights come in elegant designs, like this Dabmar bollard light, or practical designs such as this LEDVANCE Sylvania bollard light.

Dabmar In-Ground Well Light

In-Ground Well Lighting

In-ground lights, or well lights, one of the most often used types of landscape lighting, install into recessed fixtures in the ground. This means you can light up an area of your landscape without having a fixture disrupt the view.

They work perfectly for lighting up trees, plants, bushes, shrubs, or as up-lighting to illuminate objects or other features of your landscape.

Dabmar LV308 Underwater Light

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lights illuminate ponds, pools, and fountains. They can come in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, or a traditional white light, making the objects they illuminate just as eye-catching at night as during the day. With underwater lighting, you can draw attention to these visually pleasing outdoor aspects of your home or office.

Dabmar 7-inch Black Directional Spot Light

Flood and Spotlighting

With a wide beam angle, flood lights cover a large area, making them perfect for security lighting. They also offer flood lights with motion sensor options.

Spotlights offer a much narrower beam angle than flood lights, making them suitable for illuminating specific aspects of your landscape, like objects, decorations, or decorative shrubs and bushes.


Enjoy the beauty and security that landscape lighting provides to your lawn or garden. Shop HomElectrical to brighten up your home or office with landscape lighting and other outdoor fixtures!

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