Light Up Your Patio This Season!

As we continue to spend more time at home, some of us may wonder how to make our patios more inviting. Clutter adds up, the grill needs a makeover, and you desperately need new patio lights. HomElectrical carries everything you need (and more) to update and modernize your patio this upcoming season!

Light up your lawn

Different types of lighting add to your patio’s personality. Well-placed patio lights add security while encouraging time outside. These outdoor lights make a modern patio and landscape.

Light Stakes

Outdoor Light

Start your changes in the driveway or walkway, right before getting to the patio. Light stakes lead the way and often highlight greenery. Outdoor path lights also achieve these effects.

Lanterns and Globes

Globe, lantern, and wall lights add personality during both day and night. Their unique designs make them beautiful for different styles of patios. Globe lights hang from the ceiling while lantern lights can be installed from the ceiling or wall.

String Lights

Outdoor hanging lights provide a low-maintenance option and add a romantic feel to your space. Hang them along shrubs, walls, or across the patio.

No matter what type of light fixture you choose, always make sure to use outdoor cords and light bulbs. Indoor lights cannot handle the same conditions as outdoor light fixtures. Rain, rough weather, dust, and corrosion could damage indoor lights.

Clean what you own

Sure, buying new furniture modernizes your patio but sometimes we cannot afford a brand-new outdoor set. If your furniture and appliances still work well but don’t shine as bright, cleaning your patio might solve the problem.

Clean Patio

The basics: broom and cleaning/disinfecting supplies

Loose debris often scatters across your patio. Having a proper, outdoor brush begins the process of your patio makeover. After that, use simple dilutions of soap and water or all-purpose cleaners to clean your patio furniture. Double check the materials of your furniture and appliances when picking a cleaning solution.

Pesticide and herbicide

Investing in pesticides or herbicides performs wonders for your outdoor space. Getting rid of unwanted pests helps prolong your lawn’s life and prevents discomfort at the next get-together. Using these products in advance prevents future pest or weeds from interrupting outside time.

Oven/grill cleaner

Guests will love a cookout if your grill shines like new. Often neglected, a grill holds onto difficult to clean grease. Routine cleaning keeps your grill station looking fresh and usable for future gatherings.

Organize and Re-vamp!

Bar Cart

Sometimes we need a catch-all space for a patio makeover. An outdoor storage shed securely holds items like lawn equipment, power tools, and seasonal décor. Without the clutter, there’s more space to entertain yourself, family, and friends!

Re-vamping a utility cart into a bar cart supports multifunctionality and sturdiness for your hospitality needs. When it’s time to bring the bottles and glasses inside, the cart returns to
its intended purpose.

Electric Fireplace

Forget the gas and charcoal! An electric fireplace provides the beautiful ambiance of a real fire with the choice to use heat or not. They provide convenience, beauty, and flexibility. The smoke of a real fire can discolor cement and bricks while leaving a bad smell behind. Pull off your modern patio with an outdoor rated fireplace!

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