Tennis Court Lighting: How to Assess your Current Lighting Design

How to Assess your Tennis Court Lighting System?

outdoor tennis court lighting

Achieve greater lighting levels by using lower wattage LED bulbs. If you’re looking to upgrade your court’s existing lighting system, it is important to understand how your current lighting design measures up to American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) standards. Ideal tennis court lighting needs uniform light that is evenly distributed among various points on the court.

For different levels of play, the standard of lighting is determined by the United States Tennis Association and the ASBA. To assess your court’s lighting, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the height. Measure the mounting height of your existing light fixtures.
  1. Measure the light intensity. Take some light readings on your court surface, or the PPA. This is when you measure the illumination levels across the playing surface.
    1. PPA stands for Principal Playing Area. According to the ASBA, this area requires the most adequate lighting.
  1. Measure the light levels with a Lux meter. Use a light meter to measure the light levels within the PPA. This measurement tool will record the foot-candles or lux of the court surface.
  1. Compare levels with regulation standards. Using the regulation standards for tennis court lighting expressed by the ASBA, compare your level of lighting to the recommended levels. You can determine, based on your court’s level of play, the type of lighting you will require should you decide to renovate or upgrade your lighting system.

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Recommended Reading

When upgrading your tennis court lighting, consider spill light, glare, beam angle, and pole mounting height. Spill light refers to the light that shines past, or spills, beyond the sports facility and may bother neighboring occupants or adjacent properties.

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts require different levels of lighting to properly illuminate the space. Consider the uniformity ratio, horizontal illuminance, glare, and lighting distribution.

A tennis court’s quality of light refers to the ideal lighting design layouts that offer a minimal amount of glare. The quantity of light required depends on the skill set of the players and what level of tennis they expect to play on the court.

LED tennis court lights offer many advantages over MH and HPS fixtures. You can choose from many options of lights to find the one that works best for your court.

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