Tennis Court Lighting: Switching from Metal Halide/HPS to LED

By Shakir Williams on 07/09/2018


A new LED lighting system can be quite the investment; especially considering all the hidden costs that go along with tennis court lighting (i.e. equipment, labor, maintenance).  Although LED’s have more upfront costs, the amount you can save in the long run makes them well worth it!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current lighting system with brand new fixtures or you choose to retrofit your existing fixtures, there are several reasons why you should switch from MH and HPS to LED fixtures: 

  • Provides instant on/off. Never wait for lights to warm up
  • Offers dimmable capabilities. LED lights can be dimmed for different settings.
  • Improves lighting quality. LED light fixtures have a high color rendering index.
  • More energy efficient. LED light are more energy efficient than Metal Halide light fixtures.
  • Provides better light intensity. LED lights will provide constant light intensity levels.
  • Enhances light quality. These lights provide a uniform light that is evenly distributed along the entire court surface.
  • Decreased maintenance requirements. LED lights require little to no maintenance and replacement for the entire life of the fixture. They can last up to 10 to 12 years.

Making the Switch

LED Tennis Sport Light


Made with tennis in mind, these lights are the perfect swap for your energy-draining MH fixtures. We had tennis court lights that can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or pedestals—whatever works best for your facility. Take a look at our selection now! 


LED Flood Light

LED flood fixtures can easily add security and reduce glare on your tennis court. We offer a variety of flood lights that will fit your needs.  Find a variety of swivel light fixtures, motion sensor flood lights, triple LED flood lights, dimmable lights, and many more!

400W Metal halide equivalent LED flood light

LED Shoebox Fixtures

LED shoebox fixtures are great lighting fixtures to help illuminate large areas of space. They are an energy efficient alternative to metal halide and HPS fixtures.

LED shoebox retrofit kit metal halide replacement

LED Shoebox Retrofit Kits

LED Retrofit Kits are cost effective and energy efficient replacements for Metal Halide, HPS, and Mercury lamps. These fixtures allow you to switch to LED without having to replace your existing fixture.

400W metal halide equivalent LED shoebox fixture


Standard Tennis Court Dimensions

The basic dimensions of a standard tennis court are determined by the level of play. Depending on a singles or doubles court, the size may vary, so we recommend checking with the ASBA or USTA regulations first.

  • Single court dimensions: 120 by 60 feet (measured from fence to fence for double play)
  • Two court dimensions: 108’ X 120’
  • Three court dimensions: 156’ X 120’

standard single play tennis court dimensions

Whether you decide to retrofit your existing fixtures or purchase new LED fixtures, you’re one purchase away from creating the perfect lighting system for your tennis courts.


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