Sylvania LED Wall Pack

Brighten up your business when you choose an LED wall pack light from LEDVANCE Sylvania! LEDVANCE Sylvania LED wall packs provide you with energy savings while brightening up areas around buildings and outdoor corridors. Browse HomElectrical to swap out your old metal halide wall packs outside the office doors and replace them with energy efficient LEDVANCE Sylvania LED wall packs!

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What is a wall pack light?

Wall packs consist of durable fixtures that mount on the exterior walls of buildings. Wall packs illuminate areas that see a lot of foot traffic like building exteriors, outdoor corridors, walkways, and stairwells. Typically used as security lights for commercial applications, you can also use wall packs for residential purposes. The light distribution, or beam angle, of the wall pack can differ based on the type of wall pack used. You can find non-cut off, also called open face, semi-cutoff, or cutoff.

Non-cut off fixtures feature an open face design and distribute light outward. They work well in brightening large areas. Semi-cutoff fixtures feature a partially covered face that directs light forwards and down. They can effectively brighten medium-sized areas. Cutoff, or fully cutoff, fixtures use a face that points downwards. They distribute light downwards, meaning they work well in small to medium areas.

How long do LED wall packs last?

How long a wall pack lasts can depend on the manufacturer and the light itself. LEDVANCE Sylvania offers options like this 60W security light that averages around 25,000 rated life hours. They also offer options like this 40W LED wall pack that features a rated life of 150,000 hours.

Why choose LEDVANCE Sylvania wall packs?

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a large selection of LED wall pack options. They offer options that give off a bright 4000K, 5000K, or CCT selectable options. Selectable CCT options allow you to choose between set color temperatures. This 80W wall pack allows you to choose between 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K. Their color finish options include bronze, white, black, or gray.

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