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Want to swap out your inefficient metal halide area lights for an energy saving alternative? Brighten up your outdoor areas with energy efficient LED! LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a full line of LED area lights in a variety of wattage, color finish, and color temperature options. Browse HomElectrical to find LEDVANCE Sylvania LED area light fixtures!

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What is an outdoor LED area light?

Area lights, sometimes called shoebox area lights due to their shape, consist of fixtures designed to brighten large outdoor areas. Unlike lights that emit from a single point, area lights distribute light over a wide area, so they cover more space with a single fixture. They typically emit a directional beam of light within a set shape, often a rectangle or circle. You can find area lights with light distributions such as Type I, II, III, IV, and V.

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers shoebox area lights and other LED area light fixtures that see use as parking lot lights, security lighting, rooftop lighting, and more.

Where do you use an area light?

Area lights offer a wide beam angle and illuminate large areas uniformly, making them ideal for area and flood lighting. Use these luminaires to light up parking lots, parking garages, or anywhere you need expansive lighting.

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a wide selection of LED area lights that work in different applications. Their ValueLED series, like this 150W LED area light, can see use as LED parking lot lights. They can also illuminate parking garage roofs or function as general area lighting.

Their dusk-to-dawn fixtures, like this 20W LED dusk-to-dawn light, work well for general area lighting, yards, docks, barns, service roads, and as security lighting.

Why choose LEDVANCE Sylvania?

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a wide variety of LED area lights, dusk-to-dawn fixtures, post top lights, and more.

Their fixtures range in color temperature from 2700K to 5000K. They offer a wide variety of different wattages as well as mounting, color temperature, and color finish options. You can find LED area lights available in bronze, white, black, and gray color finishes. Their wattage options for outdoor area lighting range from 4600 lm up to 40000 lm.

They also offer a wide variety of solar powered lighting fixtures, including a solar powered post cap light, solar powered path light, and solar powered security light. They run on solar energy and can produce light for up to eight hours, requiring eight hours of exposure to recharge.

Their solar powered post cap in black provides a 3000K soft white color temperature and their stylish design adds elegance to many outdoor spaces.

The solar powered path light features a square head and features an IP44 rating to provide a degree of protection against the elements.

The solar powered security light features a 5000K crisp white color temperature and 1000 lumens. This dual head fixture also features a motion sensor to help save you energy.

What is a post top light?

Post top lights install on top of poles or posts to distribute light. They work well as landscape lighting and commonly see use as pathway lighting or on the sides of roadways. They also work in parking lots and on commercial and educational campuses.

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers dual selectable post top luminaires. They offer selectable color temperature options of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. They offer a choice of selectable wattage units, with options offered in 40W/50W/60W, 70W/80W/90W, or 100W/120W/ 155W. Use switches located on the top of the luminaire to switch between wattage and color temperature options.

What accessories do they offer?

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a variety of accessories for their area lights. Their optional mounting accessories for their LED area light fixture include:

  • Wall mount
  • Pole mount
  • Slip fitter mount
  • Yoke mount
  • Trunnion mount
  • Tennon mount

All accessories sold separately.

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