Sylvania LED Vapor Tight

Looking to replace an existing vapor tight fixture? Sylvania LED vapor tight lights fit many industrial and commercial lighting needs. Shop HomElectrical for LED vapor tight lights at affordable prices!

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What are vapor tight lights?

Vapor tight lights, or linear lights sealed in a fiberglass enclosure, withstand harsh environments, particularly ones with moisture, humidity, dust, and debris. Check out Sylvania's vapor tight introduction video!

Where are vapor tight fixtures used?

Because of their sturdiness, vapor tight fixtures excel in parking garages, walk-in refrigerators, stairways, maintenance areas, car washes, tunnels, and airports. The lights either mount to surface of the ceiling or suspend from a chain.

Why use a Sylvania LED vapor tight light?

Sylvania LED vapor tight lights shine brighter, last longer, and defy adverse conditions. Safe for wet locations and splash zones, the lights use a IP65 or IP67 rating. The surface or chain mounted vapor lights incorporate corrosion-resistant housing with operating temperatures from -40’F to 122’F. The lights vary in sizes from 2 ft., 4ft., and 8ft.

Sylvania offers different features and accessories to tailor your linear light solution to your needs.

Features include:

  • Select models are dimmable
  • Select models come with motion sensors
  • Retrofit-capable models to replace fluorescent vapor tight lights

Sylvania LED vapor tight accessories include:

  • Diffuse lens replacement
  • Etched lens replacement
  • Tandem wiring connector
  • Infrared remote compatible with VAPOR1B and VAPOR2B lamps
Check out Sylvania's Vapor Tight Installation video.
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