SFE/SFECM Series Electric Furnace

Enjoy energy savings with Stelpro electric furnaces! Stelpro has designed the SFE/SFEx/SFECM series using modulating elements to increase the comfort in your home. Shop HomElectrical to find a Stelpro modulating electric furnace!

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What is a modulating electric furnace?

Modulating furnaces adjust the temperature more frequently than single- or two-stage furnaces. Stelpro modulating electric furnaces use state-of-the-art electronic controls that frequently adapt to changes in temperature. As a result, they offer higher energy efficiency as the furnaces do not need to adjust large differences in temperature.

What are the features of a Stelpro modulating electric furnace?

Stelpro offers SFE, SFEx, and SFECM series modulating electric furnaces. They come equipped with a built-in temperature sensor and offer easy-to-use modes, including an ECO mode.

Each series offers different motor options:

  • Stelpro SFE electric furnace - 3 or 4 speed motor
  • Stelpro SFEx electric furnace - ECM motor with preset speed
  • Stelpro SFECM electric furnace - ECM motor with variable speed

They offer these shared features:

  • Compatible with heat pump installations
  • Continuous ventilation button (low or high speed)
  • Continuous heating button (min or max)
  • Upflow, downflow, or horizontal installation positions
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