Klein Tools Accu-Bend Level

Klein Tools 9317RE
Klein Tools Accu-Bend Level
Klein Tools Accu-Bend Level
Replacement Product
Sold ByEachEach
BrandKlein ToolsKlein Tools
CompanyKlein Level & Measuring ToolKlein Level & Measuring Tool
Product categorySquare Level & LevelsSquare Level & Levels
Sealed BatteryNo

Klein Tools 9317RE Description

Accu-Bend Level features:

  • Can ensure accurate 90' bends.
  • Gets rid of dog legs in conduit bends.
  • Securely holds on to conduit with 3 points of contact.
  • V-Groove accepts up to 1 inches conduit.
  • Solid aluminum frame.
  • Laser-etched markings and rule.
  • Made with Rare Earth Magnet.
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