Rack-A-Tiers Wrench & Screwdrivers

A wrench allows you to tighten nuts and bolts, while a screwdriver helps you loosen or tighten screws. Rack-A-Tiers makes multi-purpose screwdrivers and wrenches, from multi-bits ratchet screwdrivers to locknut wrenches to assist you with any project. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect Rack-A-Tiers screwdriver or wrench for your project!

What wrench and screwdriver products does Rack-A-Tiers offer?

Wrenches and wrench adaptors allow you to secure bolts and access tight locations. Made of durable steel with a singular handle that prevents wrist tension, the Rack-A-Tiers collection of wrenches includes:

  • Nut snugger lock nut socket
  • Hooker pipe wrench adapter
  • Locknut wrench
  • Wrench kit for lock nuts

Check out the Rack-A-Tiers assortment of multi-bit screwdrivers with many driver bits and find the perfect screwdriver set:

  • Pipe reaming bit
  • Dash 7 screwdriver
  • SIXPAC screwdriver
  • Stubby screwdriver
  • Super 8 screwdriver
  • #0 square screwdriver
  • #1 screwdriver
  • #2 screwdriver
  • #3 screwdriver
  • Screwdriver with Philips square and Torx bits
  • Lag screw installation kit

A Rack-A-Tiers bit holder holds screwdriver tips fit a wide variety of needs from a ratcheting multi-bit screwdriver which helps provide extra torque to a nut driver which tightens nuts and bolts.

Why choose Rack-A-Tiers?

From Bulldog Benders to the Rack-a-Tiers wire dispenser, Rack-A-Tiers makes high quality products by electricians for electricians that help you get the job done efficiently. From the Rack-A-Tiers website: “We’ll help you find it! Rack-A-Tiers has over 25 years experience in the electrical manufacturing industry and if we don’t have what you’re looking for We will find it for you!”
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