Rack-A-Tiers Conduit & Pipe Bender

Electrical conduits offer many benefits to your electrical wires, such as protection and corrosion resistance. Made by electricians for electricians, Rack-A-Tiers conduit & pipe benders can bend a variety of rigid conduit or EMT conduit, tube, and pipe in different sizes and materials. Shop HomElectrical to find the right bender and choose from a wide range of bender accessories such as a dowel rod so that your conduit can protect your electrical cables.

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What types of conduit and pipe bender are available?

Rack-A-Tiers offers several varieties of metal conduit and pipe bender perfect for heavy-duty industrial applications. They can bend different types of electrical conduit such as liquid tight conduit, rigid conduit, flexible conduit, and electric metallic tube (EMT). Rack-A-Tiers bender products include:

  • Hoppy Bender
  • Bulldog Original Bender
  • Bend-all Aluminum Cable Bender
  • Pipe Viper
  • The Hoppy Bender can bend conduits of .5 inches and .75 inches. It uses a “stop” to create exact, repeatable bends and has “multipliers” engraved into the bender for placing the “stop.”

    The Bulldog Bender comes in a variety of sizes to fit various needs. Options include the Original Bender, the Small Bulldog Pup Bender, the Bulldog Pro with Adaptor Bender, the Bulldog 3-piece set, and the Bulldog Big Daddy Set. Choose your bender based on what kind of conduits or pipes you need to bend and the size of the pipes. These work well in bending wire in panels, disconnects, LBs, and wireways.

    Pipe Vipers work by inserting the spring into the pipe and bending it across your knee. Keep in mind that PVC pipe requires slight overbending which will pop back some degrees after release. Some pipe vipers only work for Schedule 40 PVC. Others only work for Schedule 80, so make sure you purchase the right kind for your pipe.

    The Bend-All Aluminum Cable Bender captures wire and bends enclosures to the right or left or to the front or back.

    What pipe bender accessories are available?

    Replacement dowel pins for your bender come in two sizes: knurled or smooth. Metal dowel pins work better with metal compared to wood dowels.

    The heat tank uses a forced air heat gun to bend a PVC conduit. (Heat gun sold separately).

    Made of galvanized steel, the chase strap conduit bracket secures the short piece of conduit that extends from one room to another through a barrier.

    The Swivy Conduit Bending Level clamps to the pipe any place around the circumference.

    The ½-in Bending Adaptor for Mechanical Benders aids in bending by creating short, rigid bends in mechanical benders.

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