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Nuvo Lighting offers a variety of LED troffers perfect for schools, offices, hospitals, and commercial locations. An LED troffer is a rectangular light fixture that fits into a modular dropped ceiling. Nuvo’s 2x2 and 2x4 LED troffers are ideal for ceiling grids and can easily replace current fluorescent fixtures. Browse Nuvo Lighting’s selection of LED troffer lights and brighten up your home or business today!

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What are modular dropped ceilings, and how are they compatible with LED troffer lights?

A modular dropped ceiling is like a second ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling structure. These ceilings have a grid layout with panels that hide the area above the dropped ceiling. LED troffer lights are installed using the ceiling grid. The electrical wiring of the LED troffer can also be hidden within the area above the dropped ceiling to create a clean look.

How are LED troffer lights more cost-effective than fluorescent lights?

LED light bulbs produce more light for less energy, making them more cost-effective than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. LEDs also have a significantly longer lifespan, which will lower maintenance costs.

Are LED troffer lights good for retail?

LED troffers have a high color rendering index (CRI), making them great for retail stores. A high CRI means that a light source shows true color. For this reason, LED troffer lights are fantastic for displaying products, such as clothing and fresh produce.

Why are LED troffer lights good for schools and offices?

LED troffers come in a variety of color temperatures, including cool white light (4100K-5000K) and natural white light (4000K). These are fantastic for schools and offices, and LED troffers are superior in that they produce less white glare than fluorescent lights. By reducing glare, LED troffers lower stress and improve overall mood, focus, and productivity.
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