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Pendant lighting is a great way to add formal or casual design elements to your space. HomElectrical features the most popular modern and traditional styles that Nuvo has to offer. Choose finishes from traditional antique brass to modern metallics to add the perfect lighting décor to each room!

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What is pendant lighting?

A pendant light, or a hanging light is a singular light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with a cord, chain or metal rod. Depending on the design, some pendant lights can have multiple lights incorporated within a lone central structure.

Because pendant lights are built to be aesthetically pleasing, Nuvo offers various designs and finishes that can be used in modern, contemporary or traditional indoor settings.

Pendant lights can be used for task or ambient lighting depending on the area in which they are installed. The most common applications include:

  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hotel lobbies

Pendant lights can also be found in public interiors like work offices and restaurants where they serve as a key design element to the space.

What is the difference between pendant lighting and chandeliers?

While both pendant lights and chandeliers are fixtures that hang from the ceiling, chandeliers are known to have multiple lights that connect to a central body. Chandeliers are often installed in different places as an intricate, formal centerpiece.

Although pendant lighting could also be used for this function depending on its design, most structures are added to a room as a modern or minimal touch to the interior. Some chandeliers can be made with crystals and complex glass while some pendant light fixtures can utilize different metals and other materials for detailing.

Each type of light fixture can also vary in price:

  • The average cost for pendant lighting can range from $120-$350 depending on the design of the structure and brand. Pendant light fixtures sold at Nuvo can cost as little as $54.99 per lamp.
  • The average cost for chandeliers can be $300 to $700 depending on their build and brand. Nuvo LED chandeliers are priced from $84.99 to $649.99 and include an array of material finishes and structure types.

How do I wire multiple pendant lights?

In choosing the location of your hanging pendant lights, you may decide to place the fixtures close together to mimic a lighting centerpiece. For cases such as this, your licensed electrician may suggest that you connect the wiring of the lamps together for an even more seamless installation.

Wire connection is possible with the use of a compact splicing connector which can be obtained here at HomElectrical. Your electrician may attach corresponding-colored wires from both the ceiling and the lamp onto each end of the connector.

When wiring pendant lights into the ceiling, you may want to consider what any additional exposed wiring will look like in comparison to your intended design. Experts suggest the usage of a rail mount or a ceiling cap to hide any wiring that you do not want to be visible.

Most Nuvo pendant light fixtures conveniently have a ceiling cap built within their design to allow you to focus more on the placement of the lamp.

How low should I hang my pendant lights?

There are general guidelines for the placement of pendant lights regarding the furnishings of common applications:

  • For dining rooms with ceilings that are 8ft or lower, your chosen style of pendant lighting should hang roughly about 28-34 inches from the table but should not exceed 36 inches.
  • For kitchens with island countertops, pendant lighting should hang around 30-40 inches from the table and should not exceed 36 inches in a room with 8ft ceilings or lower.
  • To hang pendant lights over bedding, consider the length of the pendant light to the edge of the bed and the floor. Your style of pendant lighting should not exceed 24 inches in length to avoid compromising space over the bed. The distance between the lowest point of the light and floor should roughly be 7ft.
  • If you intend to hang your pendant lighting over some nightstands, consider choosing lights that are smaller but hang lower to provide ambient focus lighting. In a room with ceilings that are 8ft or lower, the distance between the edge to the fixture and the nightstand should be roughly 26-32 inches depending on the height of each table.
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