Nuvo Lighting Jelly Jar Light

NUVO LED jelly jar lights are the perfect lighting solution for indoor or outdoor commercial applications. HomElectrical features customizable options of color temperatures and finishes to help you find the best industrial jelly jar lights for your space.

What is a jelly jar light fixture?

A jelly jar light fixture is a type of outdoor industrial lighting that is used to illuminate areas susceptible to harsher weather conditions and other elements.

Jelly jar lights are vapor tight systems that have an inner casing which is like the shape of a mason jar. The outer layer of the fixture resembles a cage-like structure and protects the light source from any external damage.

Common applications of NUVO jelly jar lights include:

  • Tunnels and Barns
  • Maintenance buildings and food processing facilities
  • Industrial refrigerators
  • Pool and swimming areas

Vapor proof jelly jar lights can also be used as emergency warning and safety communication in some instances.

Why choose a jelly jar light fixture over ceiling vapor tight fixtures?

Jelly jar lights are smaller, compact fixtures that can be installed in areas that are harder to light, versus larger linear vapor tight fixtures that need to be mounted or suspended on a ceiling.

Jelly jar vapor tight lights are also a more affordable option for smaller commercial areas that require spacious lighting. These fixtures can be permanently installed in places that have frequently hazardous conditions, or temporarily installed where sufficient light is needed.

Do industrial jelly jar light fixtures use LED?

NUVO jelly jar light fixtures have a 20W integrated LED light source that ranges from 1800 to 2200 lumens depending on the model.

All vapor tight jelly jar light fixtures sold at HomElectrical are constructed with advanced LED technology that produces higher lumens at lower wattage levels.

LED light fixtures such as these give you the option of choosing a specific color temperature that can range from 3000K to 5000K.

Are industrial jelly jar light mounts adjustable?

Yes, select models of NUVO LED jelly jar lights feature an adjustable mechanism that positions the fixture to a full 90-degree angle. Multiple positioning allows for the light to be installed on the ceiling or the wall of your space.

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