Napoleon Venting Accessories

Both a wood-burning and natural gas fireplace require many accessories in order to vent properly. Napoleon sells vent kits as well as many other venting accessories that fit any configuration of venting routes. Shop HomElectrical for Napoleon venting accessories today!

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What vent kits does Napoleon sell?

A vent kit may include venting accessories such as an aluminum liner, flex vent, wall terminal, shield, and a firestop. A rear vent kit includes components specifically designed for rear venting fireplaces. Napoleon also makes kits for top venting and horizontal venting fireplaces.

A wall terminal kit comes with accessories necessary to terminate vent components. These include vent termination, adjustable pipe, an elbow, a flex vent, a firestop, a trim collar, and decorative metallic bands.

A power vent adaptor kit includes accessories for non-standard venting configurations, terminations above or below the firebox, or to “snake” around obstacles.

A horizontal termination kit provides accessories for terminating horizontal vents. It works with a 5DNA terminal and adapter.

An outside air kit includes a flex pipe and through-the-wall vent. It allows the fireplace or stove to pull fresh air from outside the home, preventing the buildup of negative pressure.

A gas liner kit includes natural vented gas inserts, as well as a raincap, chimney flashing, and a termination plate.

A roof terminal kit contains accessories to terminate a direct vent piping system on the roof. It includes a storm collar.

A flex vent extension kit includes an extension to extend vents, providing a safe, reliable exhaust for your fireplace.

A vinyl shield kit includes products to protect vinyl siding from melting and warping.

What other accessories does Napoleon sell?

Napoleon sells singular accessories in addition to kits:

A gas liner helps resist excess heat.

A wall terminal helps terminate a direct venting system.

A siding shield protects your home’s vinyl siding from melting and warping.

A coupler connects two direct vent liners.

A trim collar gives pipes a more finished appearance.

An elbow connects two flues and directs the air. Common directions include 45 degree and 90 degree elbows.

A power vent terminal allows vent terminations above or below the fireplace. It provides an alternative to standard direct vent configurations.

Flashing works with fireplace inserts and allows the insert to fit into the opening. It sits between the wall and the fireplace’s cast iron surround to protect the masonry.

A stove pipe vents gas or wood burning stoves.

A stand off for silhouette terminal goes with the direct vent silhouette terminal. It works with exterior finish materials up to 2 inches.

A firestop forms a seal around the openings and between the joints in a fire-resistance wall or floor assembly.

A telescopic pipe adds adjustability or height to a PVC pipe.

A heat guard helps insulate and prevents excess heat from accumulating.

A DuraVent adapter allows DuraVent direct pipe to connect to Napoleon fireplaces and stoves.

Air housing for air cooled chimney circulates heat and works to vent chimney pipes, providing a safe escape for fireplace smoke.

A periscope snorkel allows users to penetrate the wall below grade.

A blower system helps heat circulation.

Reducers and increasers allow a smaller pipe to connect to a larger pipe for venting.

A restrictor plate reduces the flow of air for increased fuel efficacy and works well for aggressive vertical venting.

An air extension kit pulls air from outside of the house and increases overall heating efficiency and slowly replaces the indoor air with the heated air from outside.

A storm collar provides a protective seal for vent components.

A gravity hot air vent distributes heat to an adjoining room by way of vents, which eliminates the need for an additional blower.

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