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Customize your room with a gas fireplace from Napoleon! Napoleon offers gas fireplaces in many different shapes and styles to fit your living space. Shop HomElectrical for gas fireplaces from Napoleon today!

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What is a gas fireplace?

A gas fireplace resembles a traditional wood burning fireplace but uses gas to provide the heat and flames. Venting system options typically include direct vent and vent-free. Direct vent units vent the gasses outside. Vent-free units use the air inside to fuel the combustion process and vent into the room. Fireplace inserts install in existing masonry, perfect for a remodel. Many gas fireplaces use electric ignition, but unlike an electric fireplace, use battery backup so they can still work during a power outage.

What gas fireplace options does Napoleon sell?

Napoleon offers many series of glass-front gas fireplaces that come in a variety of sizes and styles that suit your needs. Most series offer direct vent gas fireplaces, but some offer ventless options. Many offer a choice between single-sided and see-through models. The single-sided models display the fire through one side, while the see-through models display it through both the front and back, showing the fire from two different angles or even rooms . As always, when choosing a fireplace to install, make sure it follows local building codes.

The Luxuria series eliminates the need for a safety screen due to its triple-paned Glass Guard system. It offers a choice between single-sided and see-through models. The Luxuria features an ember bed with multi-colored LED lights, and it even connects to your phone using the eFIRE Bluetooth app. Size options include 38-in, 50-in, 62-in, and 74-in. It offers electronic ignition.

The Vector series brings campfire vibes indoors with contemporary media options that customize your look. It offers singled-sided and see-through models. Media options include birch, contemporary, and beach fire, while ember bed options include amber, black, blue, clear, and topaz. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Size options include 38-in, 50-in, 62-in, and 74-in. It offers electronic ignition.

The Ascent series features a shallow depth that allows for vertical installations. Its clean face design maximizes the viewing area to display the realistic flames and hand-painted log set. It includes a pan-style burner and comes pre-wired for a wall switch, as well as a back-up control system. Sizes include 30-in, 36-in, 42-in, and 46-in. It features millivolt or electronic ignition.

The Ascent Linear fireplace series features the exclusive CRYSTALINE ember bed that comes with topaz crushed glass. It uses the SIT Proflame II System, a common flame system for gas fireplaces and includes non-combustible material. It offers easy access air control. You can connect it to the eFIRE app and control the flame from your phone. Sizes include 36-in and 46-in. It offers electronic ignition.

The Ascent Deep series offers a deeper version of the Ascent fireplace with a 22-in deep firebox. It resembles a traditional-style fireplace and features a split oak log set. With optional heat management, you can safely place objects such as artwork and electronics near the fireplace. It allows rigid and flex venting.

Models include the Ascent Deep 42-in and the Ascent Deep X 42-in. The Ascent Deep includes a wide selection of decorative panels and a standard safety barrier. The Ascent Deep X includes a premium safety barrier. Additionally, the Ascent Deep Multi-View Series offers see-through (2-sided) and multi-view (3-sided) models.

The Elevation series features hand-painted split oak logs and a variety of customizable backer panels and finishing trims. It accepts Flex and Rigid venting. It features a single-sided view type with a full view safety barrier. It includes an optional universal heat management system and an optional remote control and blower. Sizes include 36-in and 42-in. It offers electronic ignition. Elevation X features 36-in and 42-in models with premium features including log set options, an electric ember bed, dynamic heat control, and connection to the eFIRE remote app.

The High Definition series features single-sided and see-through models. It features a clean, contemporary design and includes a Phazer log set. The clean face frames maximize the viewing area so users can enjoy the realistic flames and log set to their fullest. Easily adjust the heat to increase comfort. It features an 81-in length. It offers electronic ignition.

The Vittoria series features a tall, slender design that easily installs into narrow spaces, making it a perfect solution for entrance ways and corners. It offers a choice between the traditional log set and surround or the contemporary mineral rock and stainless-steel surround. It features Napoleon’s exclusive Night Light, which lets users adjust the brightness of accent lights. It also features heat radiating ceramic glass. With a 21.50-in width, this fireplace beautifully accents small living spaces. It uses electric ignition but has a battery backup.

The Park Avenue series features a unique clean and frameless design with advanced burner technology that creates the most realistic flames in the industry. It offers a complete package that includes an exclusive Night Light, heat circulating blower, multi-function remote control, and Phazermic technology, Napoleon’s exclusive burner system. It includes a 100% Safe Guard gas control system and safety screen. It uses electronic ignition.

The Grandville series of vent-free fireplaces transforms your room into a warm oasis. It uses multi-level burner technology to fill the firebox with yellow dancing flames that sit atop realistic, hand-painted logs. It offers 50% flame/heat adjustment. It offers an 100% safe guard gas control system and oxygen depletion sensor. Sizes include 36-in and 42-in. It uses electronic ignition.

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