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Warm your home in style with a Napoleon electric fireplace! Electric fireplaces resemble traditional fireplaces but eliminate the danger and mess. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect Napoleon product for your living room or office space today!

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What is an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace resembles a traditional wood burning fireplace, but instead uses a heating element and simulated flame effects to provide heat and the look of a fireplace. Electric fireplaces offer a safer option than wood-burning fireplaces and a cheaper installation cost compared to gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces allow for customization, as users can choose unique flame and media colors that you can’t find in a traditional fireplace.

What electric fireplaces does Napoleon sell?

Napoleon sells many series of fireplaces that come in different shapes, sizes, and installation options.

The CLEARion Elite Series uses privacy glass to allow users to switch between transparent, semi-transparent, and fully opaque settings. As the first truly see-through electric fireplace, the CLEARion provides a unique experience you can’t get with any other brand. It comes with three LED flame color options, five flame speed options, fifteen ember bed color options, and a log set with Topaz Glass and Crystal Media. Napoleon makes a 50-in and a 60-in model.

The Allure Vertical Series creates a stunning focal point without compromising on space. They offer a variety of flame colors, ember bed colors, accent side light colors, flame speed settings and flame and ember bed color changing options. It also comes with a remote control included and gives users the option to turn off the heat while keeping the flames on. Size options include 32-in and 38-in.

The Alluravision series of fireplaces stand out from the rest with their nearly frameless viewing area which highlights the unique flame colors. Hang the unit on the wall and turn it on immediately with the plug-and-play installation or hardwire the unit to hide the plugs. Choose between yellow, orange, blue, and multi-color flames and five different speeds. The Night Light feature allows users to illuminate the firebox without the flame, boosting ambient light and creating a warm glow. Separate heat and flame controls let you enjoy the fireplace all year round.

The Alluravision series offers a Deep Depth and Slimline model. The Deep Depth models protrudes into the room more, offering a depth of 5.81 in, while the Slimline models offer a depth of 4.24 in. Length options for both types of models include 42-in, 50-in, 60-in, and 74-in, as well as a 100-in long deep model.

The Entice Series accents your space with glittering flames and a crystal ember bed. It features a shallow depth, making the perfect option for areas with limited space. Choose between blue, orange, or combined multi-colored flames, and adjust the flame brightness and speed. This fireplace gives you ultimate control with a touch control panel with a premium display window, thermostat control, a full feature remote, and 9 timer settings. Size options include 36-in, 42-in, 50-in, 60-in, and 72-in.

The Cineview series makes the perfect all-in-one electric fireplace solution. This electric fireplace insert gives off a clean, contemporary finish and comes with logs and glass for easy customization. It features an ECO mode which puts the heater at half the heat to save energy. The BOOST mode puts the heater at maximum heat with increased blower speed. The self-trimming flange gives the Entice a clean built-in appearance. It offers orange, blue, and combined multi-color flame options, 7 ember bed color options, and adjustable flame speed and brightness. Choose between a 26-in model and a 30-in model.

The Ascent Series resembles a traditional masonry fireplace, but with the convenience of plugging it in. It features Napoleon’s ULTRA BRIGHT LED lights, their WHISPER QUIET fan and heater, and their NIGHT LIGHTS feature. It features realistic brick panels, glowing logs, and an ember bed . Size options include 33-in and 40-in.

The Trivista Primis Series provides unique three-sided viewing so that you can enjoy the flames from any angle. The included end panels allow for a 3-sided, 2-sided, or 1-sided installation. It offers seven flame color settings, 13 ember bed color settings, and 13 LED color settings. The flames can operate with or without heat, so you can enjoy this fireplace all year round. Size choices include 50 inches and 60 inches.

The Stylus Series of wall-mount electric fireplaces provides an elegant and stylish focal point and a source of heat for large rooms. It features a built-in shelf, smart LED, and a double USB plug to charge your mobile devices. The flames operate with or without heat for year-round usage. It includes four flame color settings, six ember bed settings, and nine different timer settings. The Stylus offers two models: the Cara and the Steinfeld . Both models hang on the wall, but the difference lies in their design, as the Cara includes a shelf to display items such as art or books.

The Element Series features a self-trimming electric fireplace that offers the highest heat output and best-looking flame in its category. It showcases a vivid flame effect with a brightness adjustment, and LED lights in 7 color settings. The decorative brick side panels give this fireplace a traditional look.

What media consoles does Napoleon sell?

A media console refers to a piece of furniture that functions as a TV stand and may include spaces for other items such as books or DVDs. Napoleon sells many models of media console that includes an electric fireplace as well as a media compartment. Their media console models include the Charlotte, the Franklin, the Hayworth, and the Bella. All consoles include a built-in Cineview Electric Fireplace and an electric media compartment with a wire management system. The Charlotte, Franklin, and Hayworth feature a 30-in fireplace and the Bella features a 26-in fireplace.

The Charlotte features a mahogany finished top with an antique white finished body. It combines a traditional farmhouse design with a modern electric fireplace. The Franklin gives your space a mid-century modern look with its weathered oak finish and industrial metal accents. The Hayworth adds rustic charm with a long board finish. The Bella uses a walnut finish to create a rustic design.

What mantels does Napoleon sell?

A mantel refers to the decorative framework around a fireplace. An electric fireplace with a mantel makes an easy solution to remodel a room without having to hire a construction crew. Napoleon’s Taylor Mantel features a classic white finish with a black slate styled surround. It uses a pedestal base like an old-world hearth, accented by decorative detail accent molding.

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